Don Tapscott Appointed Chancellor Of Trent University

The Senate of Trent University is pleased to announce its decision to approve the appointment of Mr. Don Tapscott to be installed as Trent University’s eleventh chancellor at Convocation ceremonies to be held Friday, June 7 at 10 a.m. A bestselling author, entrepreneur and one of the world’s top business Thinkers50, Mr. Tapscott is also an alumnus of Trent University.

We live in an intertwined, complex mesh of industries, regulation, marketplaces and communities. For the type of scale the world needs to see, we need not only the early business leaders to be doing what they do best – investing in innovation and shaping market forces – we need government to play a crucial role in enabling policies, we need new media to enable open discussion and dissemination of information and we need collation and crunching of data to give us new insights and predict trends.

This all feeds the question of how we move from the industrial economy to the sustainable economy. How we build a place of trust and dialogue that will spur innovation. How we open data and intellectual property to envisage what is possible when it comes to scale, collaboration, and innovation.

These are the burning questions that might help shape the 21st century sustainable economy. Macrowikinomics helps provide a window into what the answers might be and the beginning of a roadmap to get there.

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